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Transparent battery looks like glass.

A TRANSPARENT battery could replace glass in windows. The battery still has a low output, but may eventually add extra energy storage to cars or smart glasses.
Most battery research focuses on increasing power output or energy density, a measure of how much energy can be stored in a certain volume. But Hironobu Minowa and his colleagues at Japanese communications giant NTT sought instead to make a battery that was as inconspicuous as possible.
To do this, the team had to creat e new versions of battery components to lower overall light absorption and reflection.
The result is a battery the size of an A4 or a US letter sheet of paper that is as see-throug has window glass.
The battery lacks the capacity of a conventional one: it holds only 1milliamp hour compared with more than 1000 in an AA battery. But it lets 69 per cent of light pass throug hit,which is at the lower end of what window glass achieves. Its out put is still enough to power an LED or a digital clock, says Minowa,who demonstrated the battery at NTT’sR&D Forum in Tokyo this month.

As homes fill up with sensors and small smart devices, used for everything from monitoring temperature to optimising lighting,transparent batteries like this could help clearup the associated mess of wires and battery packs.
Since building the proto type battery last year,the team has already doubled its output and tripled its transparency, says Minowa. Although the team can’t yet make batteries any larger than an A4 sheet, it is possible to link multiple panes to gether to boost capacity.
The ability to turn a window into a battery could be revolutionary, says Kevin Curran at Ulster University, UK. Transparent batteries could also have applications in smart glasses, in vehicles and evenin sensor-packed contact lenses,he says.
“No one desires ugly cables,” says Curran. Having transparent batteries would open up the possibility of having much more beautiful devices,he says

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